• 50 % reduction in methlabs found in 2005 attributed to the NON-OTC status of pseudoephedrine and related compounds
  • 75 % of Washington’s meth now comes from out of state as opposed to 50 % in 2001
  • 90 % reduction in methlab seizures in 2004 due to NON-OTC status of allergy meds
  • Much purer form of meth on the street due to the cartels – 90% plus
  • Idaho new law for OTC meth-making ingredients is this summer


Is it meth mites? Meth bugs? Meth scratches? Meth excoriations? Meth forMication? All lead to picking the skin…until it bleeds, until it gets infected…the insatiable quest for calming the itching from meth abuse. Weight loss, hair loss, and dental loss with severe dental decay rapidly ruins the meth abuser. Is your neighbor up late at night? Is the neighbor’s house in ruin? Is each window covered? Is the garbage stacking up? Any late night visitors? The jails are full of meth users, makers, abusers, bakers. Crime. More jails. More rehabs. More funding. More taxes. Drug use… to abuse…spectrum of disease. Is there mention of sexually transmitted disease and risk…herpes, warts, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, MRSA infection. Failing education or failing lack of education? Tax dollars…best on schools and prevention?

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