Kot Addu Smokin’ Grass © buy Pregabalin india

In the sixties, the news show ran,
the worries of the five leaf ban.

Continued offensives against those drugs,
new czars against those dealin’ thugs.

Through the decades this fight continues,
when the use of grass heard less boos.

Medical use of the grass yelled loud,
but legislation remained so fouled.

Years later with new direction,
comment on grass, a new connection.

Disease, illness, and lack of caring,
for the abusive rack of financial snaring.

Burn the grass, smoke in air,
financial reward with no care.

Patients suffer, kids in house,
asthma, bronchitis, like caged mouse.

Cough, cough, cough …go inside,
play later, no recess, red flag day beside.

Gramma the mail is here,
but it’s old, with field burning so near.

School shut down,
fairground without clown.

Grass fields burn with disease aglow,
airways stiff, mucus choked airflow.

Smokin’ grass – will it help the pain,
remember smokin’ grass – and who’s dollar gain.


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