Methlabs continue to plague society. Costs continue to rise.  New laws embedded.  New techniques on how to get the drugs to help make meth continue, for example:

Typical mechanisms that the non-cartel methlab cooks get pseudoephedrine are: smurfing and shelf sweeping.  Individuals that “smurf” go to a large number of stores and buy amounts at each retailer of pseudoephedrine that are under the legal limit but in the aggregate are much more.  A less sophisticated version of smurfing involves sending many individuals into the same store to buy amounts of pseudoephedrine just below the legal limit.  “Shelf sweeping” occurs when an individual or a group goes into a store and remove all the pseudoephedrine on the shelf and then exit without paying.



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buy modafinil uk pharmacy Recently, radio listening to a report of the "significant" risks to persons entering into methlab areas that already have been cleaned up or decontaminated or remediated.  The report left me believing that any site with any amount of meth activity is the same.  Not true.

The report said after the cleanup process has occurred, the persons are still able to be "poisoned" and become "toxic" from being in the decontaminated room.  Not probable either.

The epidemic of methlabs across the country have spawned the entire "cleanup industry" making many companies extremely wealthy in the "abatement industry."  One operator told me, "If I just turn on the truck, the fee is $2500 dollars, then the bill goes up depending on what we do."

Most ingredients of methlabs are dangerous.  Some can be flammable.  Some have bombs or incindary devices. However, after the cleanup has occurred, risk is minimal, probably non-existent.

Do you clean out your garage or shed as a methlab decon project – the spaces that have been storage for such contaminants of lawn mower gasoline, oil, garden chemicals, camping or cooking supplies, glass cleaner, carburator fluids, drain cleaners, windshield washer fluids, antifreeze, and other highly toxic day to day chemicals of household use?

The risk of financial collapse for cleanup is hard hitting for any owner that needs to hire a "cleanup" company.  It is estimated that a methlab cleanup can cost from $1000 to hundreds of thousands, depending on cartel activity or the mom-pop variety.

Google "methlab cleanup companies" (remediation) and nearly 60,000 hits arrive at the "deal or no deal" option.

Searching and searching, little is found on "risk of after-cleanup toxicity."   Colleagues in this area have been surveyed.  An anwer is in waiting.  Thus far, experience has not shown me one person ill, sick, contaminated, physically harmed, toxic from a space declared "clean."



  1. Feedback from the Washington Poison Center experts to the University of AZ occupational experts, they agree. No one know to them, has ever gotten ill, sick, malaligned, toxic, or poisoned from a site AFTER the cleanup.

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